Head Scarfs for Women

EYE SCARFs for womens and girls. Scarfs are really popular in winter season. Women used it as a head band and sometime as a bracelet too. It looks very beautiful and stunning with girls.
There are many ways of band the scarf on your head. Cream colours and sky colours scarf are looks great and stylish on girls or womens. The new fashion of womens are Scarfs. It really touches the eyes if the scarf suit the personality of women and beauty.
The Eye Scarf made of sumptuous silk twill is the most stylish of accessories. It can be worn around the neck like a foulard or styled like a head band, adorning the handle of your handbag or snaking your belt loop.
Material used in scarfs are pure 100% Silk Twill. And do remember always use a silk scarf, it really good for face and good for head.

Eye Scarf styles for Women,;