Hair Trends 2012 and 2013

Hair Trends 2012, is one of the most important news from the fashion show hair for this 2012. Among the trends in hair fashion, we find the use of layered haircuts, very irregular and asymmetric, where the trends are aimed at creating motion effects on the face of girls and women.
The most important changes for 2012, in terms of trends Hair also cover hairstyles and hairdos, where the latter are used to emphasize the cuts, ie the hair is combed and styled following the trends of hair cuts and with the aim of making them stand out more than before, which was hairstyle or hair to define itself, the style.

New trends aim to bring out more then the woman's face, giving further impetus in fashion, and giving it the ability to use the cuts to create new mix of hairstyles and headdresses and set new trends.
In the photos that we attach to this article are a number of references that show how hair fashion trends have changed so much in 2012. much to change the fashion collections and change the way of dressing and combing hair. We therefore recommend a turning point in the context of trends, where the fashion of the past now seems an old memory.