Frocktober and Dressing to Look Older

I discovered via the lovely Nicki at Styling You that October is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - also known as 'Froctober' - so although there are only nine days to go I'm always up for a challenge...

I'm finding work style really hard at the moment and as you'll see from these pics I've resorted back to my safety net of colour with black.  I love this lime green dress and the fact that it doesn't have a waistband gives me lots of ways to wear it.

The first two pics are with my black suit blazer for work and then I changed into my vinyl biker jacket for date night.  I've also styled it with a green belt and grey bolero and an olive military jacket before.

One of my biggest styling issues as a Management Consultant (for those of you that wondered what on earth I do all day!), is that I look much younger than my 31 years.  Whilst that will no doubt be great when I hit 40 right now I think it's an impediment to  professional/credible first impressions.  I'm even letting my grey grow out to try and get people to take me seriously - desperate I know!

Any comments about corporate and office wear that is trendy, professional and not going to make me look younger are much appreciated... xo