Cut long hair 2012: scaled, straight, curly

What are the most fashionable and cool cuts of 2012 ? The long hair cuts will be one of the new principal of 2012 , with the combination of cuts, hairstyles and hairstyles can bring out those who take long hair over her shoulders in the new year.
 Aside from the niceties, in 2012, we will have a clear trend and fashion to wear their hair longer than usual. In fact one of the fashions seen on the catwalks shows very layered cut, which is well matched to this type of hairstyle. Of course, for those who still do not have long hair, have them grow up to be tough, but like many who are accustomed to wearing their hair, 2012, will be a special year. As you can see from the pictures, the tendency will be to use more layered cuts that put the hair, without ingessarla exaggerated. The real revolution is not so much in fact, wear long hair, hair styling, but in knowing how to create new effects. If, in fact, we can give personality to our hair through the use of fringe, scaling and hair sfilzature you can create new dynamic effects that can change its look quite easily with a simple hairstyle. 
In 2012, the hair Far too will be cut by scaling the side in order not to create the effect leveled and cut to a different plague, when the hair is worn on the soft shoulders. For those who suffer from split ends, this kind of fashion, more of a hand, leaving yourself a chance to play with the final part of your hair and create showy effects also marched. The fact of having a longer lock and another slightly shorter, as a whole is not overly visible, but creates an unconscious effect of movement that does not happen, if the hair is combed in the usual manner.

Long layered hair cuts 2012:
With regard to long layered cuts, as you can see from the pictures, one of the most important trends of the new year is to cut the hair just above her shoulders and shredding the foliage longer in order to give movement the lower part of the canopy. Drawn, sfilzatura create a crown of hair, which also generates a side effect other than a classic hairstyle. In the pictures you can see a couple of examples of what I mean:

Long straight hair cuts 2012:
Let's say that compared to the past, do not wear hair longer and plated as they did last year. In 2012, the trend of long cuts is to get them smooth, but in a natural way and not plated. Certainly, I do not say to wear your hair curly, but you can still use the creams can give the same effect of the plate for several days, so naturally, without the hair is straight like spaghetti. For those with curly hair completely then recommend not to use the hobs but to adapt to their hair or hairstyle pictures below.
Long curly hair cuts 2012:
Finally, for those with curly hair completely, as we said above, I say follow the images and photos that we attach and change their hairstyle to wear long hair, curly and yet be stylish and cool in 2012. One should not overdo it by changing its aspect ratio in the fashion that still continues to change. Rather, adapt their looks trendy.