Cox's Bazar, The longest beach in the world

CoX’s Bazar ..

The Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest sea beach of the world. It is located 370 KM south-east from the capital city of Dhaka, 150 Km south of Chittagong divisional town and adjacent to district town of Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is nicely connected with Dhaka by both road and air.
Though Cox’s Bazar is one of the most tourist destinations in Bangladesh, it is yet to become a major international tourist destination, due to lack of publicity. It is located all along the Bay of Bengal and south of district town of Cox’s Bazar. Millions of visitors from home and abroad visit the longest natural sandy beach every year. It is difficult to get accommodation at Cox’s Bazar town from the month of August to March, due to huge number of visitors. Infrastructure has developed a lot in last few years. More than eleven thousand visitors can be accommodated in Cox’s Bazar alone and it will accommodate about twenty thousand visitors at a time by the year 2017. The temperature is excellent for the foreign visitors from the month of October to end of March. Other than normal beach, this beach has some special attractions like, the beach is wide, gentle sandy slope touches the sea water, shark free beach near Cox’s Bazar and Inani, natural water fall at Himchori, marine drive road almost parallel to beach about 125 KM, stony beach at Inani and some scattered forests and most of the places green hills of about 60 feet high is running all along the beach. Many costly heavy minerals also found in this beach.

the Modren Cox’s Bazar derives its name is Captain Cox.he served as  an officer  inBritish India. He was died  at 1799. In the 18th Century, an officer of the British East India Company, Captain Hiram Cox was appointed Superintendent of Palongkee message after Warren Hastings became the Governor of Bengal. Captain Cox was specially mobilized to deal with a secular conflict between Arakan refugees , local Rakhains. The Captain was a compassionate soul and destiny of the people touched his heart. He undertook the gigantic task of rehabilitation of refugees in the region and have made significant progress. A premature death took Captain Cox in 1799 before he could finish his Work. But the work that earned him a place in the hearts of the people and to commemorate their role in rehabilitation work a market was create and named after him as Cox’s Bazaar (“Cox market”).

It is situated in South Eastern Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is connected byRoad and air withchittagong

the major source of economy in Cox’s Bazar is tourism. Because it is the most beautiful and famoustourist spots inBangladesh. Millions of foreigners and Bangladeshi natives visit this coastal city every years.To stay in cox’s bazar, a visitor has to pay $50 -$100 per days.(appx)

In The cox’s bazar, accommodation is available.Many private hotels, BPC Motels and some”Five star” hotels are Located on or near the beach.Average rate of  hotel  room rent is $30-$50.the rate is depends on season..

Sight seeing :

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Travel guide :

Foreign visitor.. to visit here,foreign people has to come in Bangladesh first.then he/she visit this place by air & also by bus.also he/she can rent different types of transport like, car, microbus etc.


           Some of the beautiful pictures of Cox's Bazar Beach