Wardrobe Wednesday - Cat in the hat?

With all the moving and unpacking I have sort of lost my blogging mojo this week team.  I'm not sure if it's because moving is such a busy and stressful time, or if I constantly strive to overachieve with my record of being 100% set-up or if I'm just so absorbed in home styling that my own styling is uninteresting? 
Anyway I'm pleased to be joining Miriam and the others at the new hosting spot for NZ's Wardrobe Wednesday, along with the others at Pleated Poppy. 
I've included this pic below to give context as to why there was a swing loitering in the background of my outfit pic!  After looking at my fellow link-er-uppers I think this week is going to be beautiful!  PS. just bought my tickets to NZ Fashion Weekend - my gosh what do I wear!!!