Trying Out - Head Scarves

Ok so double denim sounds like the fashion crime of the millennium doesn't it...

Judge for yourself I guess :) I think this outfit works because of the colours in it - the head scarf actually has burgundy, green and gold in it, and tied at the base of my neck it trailed about another foot down my back.

I bought this scarf years ago for a dress-up party (I was a gypsy) and it's been surprisingly versatile over the years.  I was inspired by a recent kids programme I saw promoting tweens wearing scarves on their heads!  With the change of seasons all over the world I think it's again time to celebrate the usefulness of scarves - in fact I might even try out a take 5 challenge with them this weekend.

How many scarves do you own?  I think I have about 30 now - summer and winter of course.  Are you wearing and having some fun?