Spring dresses

Looking back over my photos from the past three months I can see that I may be taking the dress/tights/boots combo a little too far...  To justify this to myself I keep saying that it's practical, warm and a great way to get a little extra wear from these peices that would other wise clutter our drawers and only be worn a couple months of the year (eg: spring dresses)!

 Seriously though dresses are still enjoying a wonderful renaissance and I am loving it.  I bought this dress awhile ago in the UK and although the colours are dark it does lend itself to coloured tights and many different coloured accessories.  Next time I wear it I really hope it's warm enough to go bare legged.

On the coloured tights topic - a friend and I were talking about them yesterday and she wanted to know "what shoes do I wear with them".  Coloured tights (and bottoms in general) seem to really scare most ladies - perhaps because it's breaking the golden rule that we're all had drummed into us about dark colours having a minimising affect (i.e. wear black pants to make our bums look smaller!).  Well if you're thinking of trying the coloured tights trend perhaps you would appreciate the advice I gave my friend.

Try wearing a knee length skirt or dress with long boots (like in this pic) think of how much of your legs show.  Trying a complimentary or matching colour of tights to that outfit will give you max 6 inches of colour on show - for many of you mustard may not be the first colour to try.  Next time I wear this outfit I will definitely be more brave and pair it with black ballet flats, but for now they are still 2 months off in sea freight.  If you're afraid of going all out try wearing tights with boots, or even capri pants and brogues; two options that will just give you a snippet of colour on show.

Anyway - many thanks to my 2.5 yr old who took these pics for me at Takapuna beach - budding talent?  I think so!