NZ Spring Trends

I love getting the trend update emails from my various sources (makes my mouth water and shopping feet twitch).  The Fashion NZ spring update arrived this week with their top four spring trends to watch.  It's interesting to see how the Northern and Southern hemisphere seasons adapt and change - and nice to see that we're not always behind the times!

So anyway the top four spring trends according to Fashion NZ are; Peplum, Drop Waist Dresses and Tunics, Cropped Tops and Bird Print.

I love the peplum (see my peplum top here) and bird print trends (super cute) but think I'll give crop tops and drop waists a miss (not right for pears).  Sometimes you just have to look at your age and your body and be realistic/sensible.  I did note with the crop top trend that most people wear their skirt, etc higher when pairing with a crop top so actually it's the more flattering part of the belly on show, but still!

Anyway, I have a cold on top of everything so today's outfit is about staying warm and comfortable; inspired by this great pic I found ages ago when I googled coral pleated maxi skirt.  Anyway the layers say it all about spring in Auckland don't they :)

PS. I found the most gorgeous draped grey Willow dress at Savemart yesterday for $15 - suitably gorgeous for fashion week I hope.  Stay tuned for my blog all about it on Sunday!