New Zealand Fashion Weekend 2012 Review

I woke up on Saturday more nervous than if I had been going to a job interview and all I had planned was to go and be part of the NZ Fashion Weekend.  I've never been to any type of fashion event before.  What would everyone wear?  Would I feel completely out of depth? Etc, etc!

But if Fashion Week is for the trade and the PR, Fashion Weekend is about bringing the runway and the industry to the people.

So for my outfit; I found this gorgeous draped Willow dress at Savemart for $15, and paired with my Zara biker jacket and suede booties, I at least felt the part.  I even found a Olga Berg silver clutch to go with it, so much unlike my normal style, I actually felt a little designer (even if Willow and Olga Berg are both Australian designers - unpatriotic I know).

Anyway, I made my way to the Viaduct Events Centre around 2pm and I quickly discovered I needn't have worried - the crowds (and there were crowds) ranged from the elderly to the very young!  There were a huge range of fashions on show and to be honest I actually felt a little overdressed compared to some leggings, t-shirt, jandal combos!

Getting into the spirit of the day I had my nails done by the Magic Tan ladies in a lovely neon blue, false dramatic lashes applied by the very talented Simmy at QVS Lash Bar (look out for a guest post from her soon).  I browsed the designer garage sale (which despite the name was still well out of the my league) and most of all I really enjoyed my glass of wine and the very entertaining people watching!
After a busy and fun afternoon 4.30pm I went off to the Phoenix Cosmetics show.  The theme was Truly Outrageous (think Gem and the Holograms) and despite my expectations, the show really was the whole deal.  Wow it was sparkly and fun (think neon, 80's, spikes and metallic) - and from my pics below you'll see that it really was a team effort (top to toe). 
For my first runway show I was really lucky to get a seat just one back off the runway and it was spectacular.  My photography does not do justice to how glittering and wonderful these outfit/make-up/jewellery creations were.  The party atmosphere created by the live DJ, along with the upbeat dynamically choreographed show left me absolutely buzzing (as you might guess from my excessive use of adjectives here).

My absolute favourite of the show however has to be below.  Bronwyn Turei (from the cult NZ drama/comedy, Outrageous Fortune) was pure elegance as she glided down the aisle surrounded by her four swan companions.  I think she looks like a Kiwi Queen in this outfit.

The jewellery in the show was definitely statement!  The very talented Claire Hahn, whom I first met at my antenatal coffee group did an absolutely stella job - and I was proud to say I knew her!  Anyway my overall verdict of NZ Fashion Weekend 2012 - it was AWESOME!  Lots to do, well priced, vibrant and definitely bringing fashion to the ordinary lady.  Although it might not be for everyone, I will definitely be going again.  The people watching alone was so much fun!