Trying Out - Paper Bag Waists

What do you think about paper bag waists?  They draw a lot of attention to your waist and depending on the style of skirt/pants/shorts that follows they can really flatter bigger hips and thighs. 

Next sandals | Topshop maxi skirt | Matalan white t-shirt

I found this one (and yes it is now my third maxi skirt) in a charity shop last week and fell in love with the feather pattern and high paper bag (drawn in) waist.  I love the waist and the sheer fabric and feel totally on trend for my day out in London with hubby yesterday.  I even had a compliment on this skirt from a five or six year old girl on the tube :).  Special mention to Joni James @ WalkingColours who's given me the idea (after tripping many times from the hem being too constricting) to alter it with a split up the back!

London was completely buzzing with Olympic fever yesterday. We had Chipotle for lunch (first time ever and yum!), wandered the city, ran a couple of errands and then my favourite part: visited the V&A Museum Ballgown exhibition!  Well actually hubby went to the Science Museum next door.  Wish I could have taken photos for you to share, but alas copyright. 

It was our last chance to play tourist for a long time as there's only five more sleeps till we get on the plane to head home to NZ!  Happy friday everyone. xo