The era that suits me

Todays Sailor Spy challenge was to choose styling for the era that suits me.  I've choosen the 60's - partially because of my new founded love of flowing hippie maxi skirts, but also because I believe in having the chance to be empowered (but let's not go so far as to burn our bra's).  Did you know that the wonder bra was invented in 1964?  What a decade!

Miss Selfridge lemon cardigan | Gap white singlet | House of Fraser Pleated maxi skirt | Next sandals | NZ designer flower necklace 

I would say my general style is quite cameleon so choosing a decade was tricky - tomorrow I could feel like the early 90's, but today, I can do great things :)  Linking to Pleated Poppy and Sailor Spy to show 'What I wore on Wednesday'.