Packing for three weeks

I just spent the last night in this house ever.  The suitcases are packed and this weekend we are off to a wedding, before the packers come Monday and then we fly out on Wednesday.

For various reasons we will end up living out of our suitcases for at least three weeks (waiting for our overseas freight and having to find a house).  Moving from summer back to winter and the fact that hubby and I both start work immediately also means what we pack has to be versatile.

Here's what I packed in my suitcase left to right:

1x winter dress (striped)

1x party dress (silver - it's my birthday a week after we get home)
1x winter coat (mustard)
1x blazer (black)
1x denim jacket
2x jeans (black and pale denim)
2x trousers (charcoal lined and camel)
6x tights (houndstooth, burgandy, mustard, grey and 2x black opaque)
4x skirts (red short, black short, blue maxi, striped pencil)
1x shorts (beige)
2x jumpers (grey and yellow)
3x cardigans (black, red and mint)
2x blouses
6x short sleeve and singlet tops
4x long sleeve tops
3x pairs of beads and two fishermans boxes of assorted jewellery
workout gear, skinny belt, yellow cross over bag, 8x scarves and togs
flats, sandals, brogues, ankle boots, and knee high boots

Enough?  Probably for the whole family but hey, it fits in the suitcase so that's what matters right!  The take 5 challenges in the next while might be interesting.  Off to a wedding today so stay tuned tomorrow for gorgeous pics of the bride and guests - hats are compulsory.  xo