Yellow spotted sundress

The SEO title says it all really.  I'm off shopping today in Bristol.  It's sale season in the UK (probably a little earlier than planned due to the rubbish summer weather) and the shops are a little mad.  I bought this sundress on a massive designer sale and it seemed appropriate for shopping sales in 30 degrees.

NZ designer yellow sundress, Next snakeskin print sandals, yellow over shoulder clutch (thrifted).

Here's my top tips for surving the sales.

  1. Be realistic about how long you can shop for.  Stop for food and drinks often to keep up your energy.
  2. Try to stick to my general shopping rules and the thrift shopping tips too, but if you spot a bargain have a little fun too.
  3. If you find yourself completely over whelmed sales are a great place to pick up classic or basic pieces.  T-shirts, tights, blazers, jeans, etc.  It's always easier to shop if you know what you're looking for.
  4. Finally enjoy yourself and if you're not having fun maybe accept the sales frenzy is not for you.  It's definitely not everyones comfort zone :)
Mostly I'm looking for clothes for next seasons for my boys and a few basics for me.  Can't wait to come back and show you tomorrow what gems I found.  So do you like the sales? Or rather avoid the frenzy?