Wardrobe Cleanouts #1

Some people struggle with cleaning out their closet/wardrobe – not me!  I love to de-clutter and throw things away.  I am such a fanatical organiser (and geek) that I love the ‘The Organised Housewife’ on facebook and regularly visit her website for more tips on organising!

This weekend I had the absolute privilege to help out a friend who’s planning a shopping trip.  We had a look together at what was in her wardrobe and chatted about what she might want to buy on her day out (unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so you’ll have to imagine the mess we managed to create doing that).

I thought I'd share some of the great ideas I’ve gathered over the years on organising and trying to make your own style. My own top tips for cleaning out the closet and deciding what to buy.

  • Have a think about your lifestyle – you need outfits in your life that you can wear.  True we all need things for special occasions but make sure you have enough versatile items that you can use daily.
  • Consider your personal style – I love to keep an eye on current trends; seeing which colours, shapes, fabrics, etc are in fashion, but I also like to stick with things that I like and that suit my style.  I will never wear navy and brown, creepers, crop tops, tie dye or head to toe print so there's no point in buying that stuff.
  • Take a hard look at what you already have – by doing this with a friend you might come up with loads of different ways to wear what you already have.  For example we managed to see at least three combinations for each key item in my friends closet – many of which she hadn’t considered until we started mixing it around and it was all laid out.
  • Throw things away; I like best the idea of sorting into four piles.  Keep it, throw it, mend/alter it, and don’t know (so keep for 6 months to reconsider).  Most of the time the pile you keep for 6 months you end of throwing (or donating to charity) but you just never know...  Unless you’re like me who still thinks back longingly to things I ditched years ago because I'm always too quick to throw!
  • Consider what key items you need to make more combinations – is it a plain top in a neutral colour, a colourful blazer or something with stripes maybe?
  • Take a look at your accessories – do you have enough belts, scarves, jewellery?  Are you wearing these things to make different outfits?
  • And then finally – what do you want, what trends would you like to try, and even what key shapes or styles in your wardrobe missing – eg: collared blouse, skinny jeans, long skirt???

Thanks so much to my friend for letting me help out.  I can’t wait to see what she comes home with!