Trying Out - Scarf as a Necklace

I saw a neat new idea for wearing scarves as necklaces over at Style in the Middle (very cool blog by the way) and have been waiting for a chilly day to try it out.  As you can see by the streaky windows we are right back into the rainy days.

Zalando brogues, Warehouse red tights, Velvet mini skirt (thrifted years ago), Top Man grey wool jumper.

I tried two ways to emulate the scarf necklace and as the husband pointed out they didn't look much different. In the first pic below I folded the scarf in half and twisted it, before tying the end together. In the second, I put loose knots all the way along and then tied behind again.

Scarves are so versatile, although as I was discussing with a friend yesterday it is tricky to get the perfect one. So many shapes and styles, so many colours and patterns. I think my top tip is to start with a warm scarf with many colours in it (so that you can match with your plainer winter items) and a cotton or silk like long scarf for summer. Again as most of us have drawers full of plain tops this is a good way to introduce pattern and print. Have fun with them - mostly that don't cost much and you can guarantee they'll always fit!  No suprises to know that this scarf is thrifted - I think for a pound. 

Scarf twisted

Scarf knotted
Also here's a fab link from the Farmers You Tube channel on some different ways to tie scarves should you need any ideas, including how to twist them into the necklace as I've done.

This is the first time I've worn this skirt in any blog pics as it's a firm summer favourite. I've had it for years and although it's very short it's so soft and comfortable and it always feels flattering on. I'm a bit sad to be wearing my favourite summer things with tights and wooly jerseys! Still loving these brogues by the way.

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