Trying Out - Palazzo Pants

The ball was fantastic!  Needless to say yesterday was a track pants and duvet day and I decided to have a day off posting.

Today I needed something quick and easy.  I love the fun flowing shape and vibrant colour of these pants.  Like puffy skirts however they need a slim top to balance it all out.  I found the below picture a couple of weeks ago and was really happy to copycat this one.

Printed pants are another vibrant trend making a huge splash in northern Spring/Summer.  The tailored shape and busy prints are a bit tricky to wear I think – and as I’d rather draw attention to my top half I think the printed pants look is something I’ll leave to true fashionistas.  I can’t imagine these are practical for rolling around with the kids in, whereas my palazzo pants are ultra comfortable and easy to wear.

Although the printed tights look is something I might try out if I stumble across a pair...

Anyone else brave enough to try the printed pants trend on?