Trying Out - Denim Shorts

Well it's been almost two months now and I have been reflecting on my objectives with this blog.  My sole aspiration was to inspire people, just like me, busy people, to have the confidence to try new things.  I am not a glamourous super model.  I do not take great photos (in fact 90% of the ones we take for this blog are discarded due to my eyes being closed or a strange facial expression!).

Dorothy Perkins singlet, Marks and Spencers green cardigan, denim shorts (gift from a friend), Havaianas.

So I try things - today I tried denim shorts and decided they do not suit me!  Although, I am loving this new colour blocking necklace I found at a thrift shop the other day.  So Sailor Spy, I am trying something new - and can't wait to keep doing and having fun everyday of my life.  Hopefully readers, I will inspire a few to add a necklace or scarf to their everyday t-shirt and jeans. Here's What I Wore on Wednesday, Pleated Poppy xxx