Trying Out - Brogues

I think it's time to jump on the brogues bandwagon regardless of what season you're in.  As a huge proponent of comfortable, practical shoes, I love how easy these are to style and that they can be worn with skirts, dresses, tights, trousers and probably shorts too.  I have chosen a pair that is reasonably low cut (rather than cut like a traditional 'shoe') so that if I wear them with something short and bare legs, they will shoe more of my leg and hopefully lengthen it, as opposed to cutting me off.

Zalando floral brogues

As most of the shoes I own are black, I've been really making an effort to branch out!  Today I'm going for a kind of jazz look - my 4yr old wanted to know where I was going as I looked so 'nice' - bless him.

H&M black skinny jeans, Primark swallow blouse, Gap singlet.

The photographer didn't like the tie so we experimented without - he argument was that it looked 'old' and mine that it was trendy.  Some trends definitely don't suit everyone though and I think the buttoned up, pussy bow shirt is one.