Take 5 - Orange Cardigan

Today's Take5 was inspired by my recent wardrobe cleanout with a friend - she had an orange cardigan that she was struggling to match with anything.  This cardigan of mine is our business colour (burnt orange/tangerine), but I found afterwards this fantastic article about different shades of orange and what colours to match them with - what to wear with orange.

I love bright colours so I tried to show some other ways of wearing this that weren't black and white.  My favourite outfit is probably the pale jeans option - funny how despite the adage of dark colours minimising your bottom the length of the top also makes a massive difference - that's what makes the pale jeans look the most flattering I think.

Levi pale denim skinnys, Nude wedges, Peacock patterned t-shirt with free belt.

H&M striped top, Levi dark denim skinnys, black pashmina (unknown).

Warehouse white full skirt, Supre white singlet, beads thrifted.

Colour blocking: Matalan purple party dress, Dorothy Perkins silver piano necklace, H&M black tights.

Primark mustard skivvy, Primark striped pencil skirt, Primark mustard tights, black riding boots, Matalan mustard flower brooch.

Hope you like the new cleaner blog layout - thanks to Sophie Slim for your great tips.  Also despite not wearing make-up often I made a special effort with today's coppery lip gloss!  Happy thursdays :)