Stripes, wedges and red (again!)

One of the easiest ways to extend your wardrobe is to share with friends.  I love the idea of a party where you all come and swap clothes - although I've yet to try it out. 

Recently I did a pretty major wardrobe clean-out (happens about every 6 months) and I offered a few things to friends that I thought they might like.  I'm pleased to report the same has happened to me this week - not only that, but my friend also bought a picture of an outfit that I could make with the gorgeous top, using a skirt she knew I already had!

Red top (gift), Primark striped pencil skirt, Flori slingback wedges.

Loving the trend for more midheels - perfect for my lifestyle!
I think it could have been enhanced with a leather cuff just like Teresa @ Delightfully Darling but alas I do not have one :)  Maybe I'll wear it out today with my Zara biker jacket to give it a bit more edge.  Happy TGIF everyone.