Some days we deserve jeans

After a week of trying hard with my outfits, today is definitely a jeans day!  We have got a massive social weekend planned so come back for a glammed up outfit tomorrow :)

Converse red, Next jeans, Glassons waterfall cardigan and black singlet, thrifted woven singlet.

I bought these relaxed jeans from next when we first arrived in the UK 11 months ago.  They are super comfortable and even better... at only 5"4, they were the right length for me when I bought them.  Bless you petite sizing!  Why can't we have various leg lengths in NZ - not everyone is 6" you know!

Top is sort of  halfway between gold and silver

I found this cute woven singlet at an opshop the other day and am channeling a look similar to this one I found below.  I had orginally planned a black dress with olive jacket look too, but think it can wait for another day!  Auditioning my outfits just like Miriam said - Create Hope Inspire.