My first 4th of July (something pretty)

Today I'm celebrating my first ever 4th of July.  Some american friends have invited us to a celebration complete with some fabulous traditions and food - and although I have no idea what to expect, I know it will be fun and I can't wait.

Marks and Spencers red cardigan (thrifted), striped scarf (portobello rd markets), Levi demicurve jeans, House of Fraser nude suede wedges, t-shirt thrifted, Matalan pottery style braclet.

Try as I might I couldn't find anything featuring stars in my wardrobe, and as I'm sworn off shopping this month, I've settled for stripes and a t-shirt that says 'Time to Celebrate' - I figure the sentiment is there, even if it is a picture of Big Ben!  As you can see by the varied backgrounds we are still wandering the neighbourhood having fun taking photos.

Pity about the truck in the background!

Today I'm linking up with both the Pleated Poppy and Sailor Spy for What I Wore Wednesday!