I found inspiration - and it was yellow

I had a great chat yesterday with one of the readers of this blog and she asked how I can still find things to write about after three weeks.  I need to let you in on a secret - not only do I have an over-abundance of things to say on any topic (a quality that continuously gets me into trouble!!!), but I'm also taking all the fantastic suggestions shared by all of you.  Thanks to everyone who's giving me feedback and ideas and please keep it coming.

3/4 Black Capri (unknown), Next mustard jumper, thrifted striped scarf, Novo black ballet flats.

Today's inspiration came from a movie I saw on sunday night - the Proposal (see pic below).

Sandra Bullock/Ryan Renolds, 'The Proposal' (2009)

The second most popular question everyone seems to want to know is where am I finding the time. Well secret number two is that I am a little stuck on my old scout motto - 'Be Prepared'. I write most of my blog content over the weekend, along with picking out about seven different outfits - that way I can get up, pick an outfit, take a photo and post the blog in half an hour at the most.

Sadly, I have picked my clothes (and the kid's) out at least the night before since they were born.  Being a working mum there just doesn't seem to be any other way to get us all out the door on time!  Loving yellow - check out this article about loads of different ways to wear it!