Finding your personal style

Finding your own personal style is a long journey for most of us.  It comes with experience and confidence as well as guidance from the information sources around us (ie: figuring out our colours, body shape, etc).  I've been keeping a summary file of everyday's outfit pics by month and even after two months it's been fascinating to look back and clearly see my style emerge from the pages.

Figuring out which style category you fit (ie: classic, eclectic, boho, etc) is only useful to a point however - try this category quiz if you are curious about labelling your style. 

At 30 I have finally decided out that it really doesn't matter what style/shape/colour/size we are (who needs labels) - it's about embracing it, having fun and the confidence to be ourselves.  That's why today I am wearing my version of a t-shirt and jeans - comes with unusual deer print and big earrings. 

Be visible ladies! Linking to Patti and Visible Monday xo

Warehouse charcoal jeans, Gap singlet, H&M patterned t-shirt, big patterning earrings (unknown).