Everybody, Everywhere - Colour Blocking

 Hurrah my first ever Everybody, Everywhere challenge and this month is a perfect one for me - Colour Blocking.  As you will know if you've ever read my blog before, I love colour, and the brighter the better.  I own loads of colourful items, however it wasn't until this challenge that I realised I'm not often brave enough to wear them together...
Colour blocking - mixing up
Colour blocking - complimentary colours
Color Blocking is basically combining different colors that support and compliment each other.  There are two main ways to experiment with this trend. 

The first is slightly less scary;  complimentary colours.  Try pairing colours from the same family together for a harmonious look - think bright pinks with vivid fuchsias, turquoise with royal blue, etc.
The second way is to really mix it up.  Try regal purples with contrasting, fiery oranges, or lime green with melon or rosebud pink to really pop.
Some key tips to make this work:
  1. Stick to 3 colours max (otherwise you may look like a rainbow care bear);
  2. If the thought of clashing colours is a bit too much start with mixing accessories or one bright item of clothing with some neutral shades;
  3. Try toning down bright colours with neutral shoes; and
  4. Avoid pulling out all your colourful items out and wearing them together - figuring out which colours to wear together should be done carefully - and may need some help from other colour experts...
Color Blocking: Everbody, Everywear

Have fun!