Dipped hem skirt - Nicole Richie style

Recently one of your commented that although you liked the way I was putting things together, when you got dressed yourself you often felt it was all 'too much'.  Too much pattern, colour or busyness made you feel over the top.

I've been thinking about that delicate balance between boring or too plain and OTT like a christmas tree.  It's a tricky one to get right, but perhaps one of the best ways to work on it might be a little at a time.  Trying to add maybe one accessory (necklace, scarve or belt), introducing one print at a time or even just trying two colours together rather than sticking with the tried and true colour with black and white. 

Often the most stylish women I see are quite plainly dressed, so today I'm sticking to simple and (hopefully) stylish. 

Today's inspiration came from this pic of Nicole Richie - another petite lady who is always very fashionably dressed. Maybe I'll even try a bright lip colour like this before I head out later. Not sure I will master the celeb 'own the world' walk though!

Frugal Fashionista