Diffuse the Situation


I love scented items. Lip gloss, lotions, candles - if it has cute packaging, a bird on it, or smells good, it's in my shopping cart faster than you can say, "I don't need this".

Making your own reed diffuser is easy and cheap (this cost me a total of $6). Plus, you can control how strong the scent is (barely-there or headache-inducing), and it's easy to refill once you have the materials.



1. Fill vase/container halfway with baby oil.*
2. Add 15-20 drops (more for stronger scent) of essential oils. I used a jasmine blend from Michael's.
3. Cut skewers down to desired size and place into vase/container.

*Adding 1-2 drops of vodka can help the oils travel up the reeds quicker, but is not required.



You can personalize your diffuser however you like! Add embellishment with homemade paper flags, place a decorative plate underneath, or even decorate the vase with paint.