Colours - Sunflowers and Green Grass

I often share the inspiration for my outfits from other bloggers or pictures I find.  Today's outfit was from someone else's blog, but I coincidentally found a spot at a neighbours house where these pictures were taken that could have been my inspiration. 

Ezibuy merino vest, River Island lace top, Thrifted beads, Free belt, Max black skirt, Primark mustard tights.

I remember hearing once (could have been from Trinny and Susannah), that nature is a fantastic way to find inspiration for colour.  Looking around at the world I often see great colour combo's - for example sports team uniforms, flower beds, the sky, autumn leaves, etc.  

If I had a thicker tan belt I think it would have gone better with this outfit, and probably tan boots too (which I'm still debating whether if I bought some I would wear).  Oh well we do the best with our wardrobe! - blog no longer active but still cool outfits.

Not only am I trying to keep in mind the colours that suit me best, but I'm also looking for new ways to combine them.  Where does your colour inspiration come from?

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