Busy day outfits

Busy day today so I've had to do timer shots this morning.  I do promise a more exciting outfit tomorrow however. Some days you just have to chuck it on and go don't you?  What's your fall back busy day outfit?

Glassons black leggings, Whistle purple cardigan (thrifted), leopard scarf, Shanton dipped hem singlet.

I do have time today however to share two street style pics I've taken lately - with the warmer weather I am seeing some fantastic outfits out and about at the supermarket, kindy drop-offs and even the car garage!  When I have my camera I'm trying to capture some of them for the inspiration files. 

I particularly love the fact that the second lady when I asked her permission to take the pic, was very embarrassed about my admiration and tried to brush me off with "It's [the dress] just from the supermarket" - looking fab regardless of how or when Claire!

Red jeans, leopard print converse, straw bag, striped tee.

Black booties, cobalt blue dress, wide black belt.