Autumn/Winter 2012 Trends

The southern hemisphere is now starting to look ahead to the trends for Summer/Spring (and I am finally now able to enjoy them - see today's pics - and fantastic weather forecast!!!). 

The northern hemisphere however is looking ahead to the coming Autumn and Winter seasons.  I subscribe to a few newsletters and love to watch as the seasons change and fashionistas around me start to decree what we will be wearing.

Here are some of the top coming trends according to my sources - blogs, magazines and newsletters.
  1. Gothic – leather, lace, sheer, red wine lipstick and black on black (using different textures).
  2. Floral and Geometric Prints – keeps coming at us head to toe and more outrageous.
  3. Military – Army gear with a twist, lots of olive green and anoraks with feminine bits mixed in.
  4. Leather – skirts, pants or detailing, often softened with knits or other feminine pieces.
  5. Eastern – patterns and motifs, again often head to toe.
  6. Sci Fi – metallic and angular designs and embellishments.
  7. Berry – maroon, burgundy and claret with lots of texture and shine again.
  8. Baroque – stylish prints and embellishments again.
  9. Masculine – still lots of buttoned up, structured and tailored lines.
 ASOS reckons the key pieces are: embellished jackets, chunky boots and patterned clutches.  I think some of these trends can be experimented with again with statement tops, scarves or one of two key items.  I’m looking forward to Berry but the rest is going to be interesting to try out!

The coming colours look out for;
Dark teal seems to be popular – wear with brown, beige or white.
Berry/Maroon – try it with green, navy or other neutrals – and watch this space!
Olive green – consider wearing it with more than just black – it might surprise you with lime green or berry colours.
No doubt there'll still be time to try these out as I move back to NZ next month.  :)