Trying Out - Pastels

Everywhere I look at the moment I see pastels; pink, lemon, mint, etc.  Sometimes it's difficult to find ways to wear 'trendy' colours as not every colour suits everyone (e.g: I find beige very difficult).

Pale Levi Jeans, Marks and Spencer Mint Cardigan (thrifted), River Island cream top (thrifted), Beads (thrifted), Primark snakeskin ballet flats.

Finding out what colours suit you is key to flattering your features.  Here’s a link to more colour info if you’re interested in finding out what suits you best -  Another way to see which colour suit you best is to hold them up to your face in natural light.  Sometimes you’ll need to hold something different to contrast and decide, but this test should give you a good indication of whether it’s right or not.

The best way to try out new ‘fashionable’ colours probably isn’t in a head to toe outfit (obvious... well maybe!).  Many fashionistas advocate trying out a little bit at a time; a new bag, scarf, belt, necklace, t-shirt, etc.  Another option if you’re not sure the colour is right for your colouring is to wear the colour away from your face.  Practically this means tights, belt, shoes, pants/dress/skirt or add a necklace or scarf to break up the tops colour.

So the verdict of me trying out pastels.  I felt very feminine and on trend, but a bit boring and 'as same as the next guy'.  Maybe because bright colours suit my personality or perhaps because instinctively I know these pastel shades don’t suit me.  I purposefully did head to toe just to prove my point.