Trying Out - Coloured Tights

First attempt, terrible pose, poor choice of footwear (cankles!)
Second attempt, much happier

Well the first wear of my awesome new Tea Dress.  I’m really excited about this dress as I think it’s going to be a very transitional piece – especially good as we go from (terrible) UK summer to (mild) NZ winter in 2 months time.

The chelsea boots were a dilemma to buy and although I'm happy with the final choice, with this outfit they just looked wrong.  Ankle boots seem to be everywhere at the moment (regardless of hemisphere or season) but there is also so many styles.  I already have a heeled pair of black suede looking ankle boots and although I was really tempted by the beige leather choices, eventually I decided flat and black would get the most wear (taking my boot collection to five).

I tried this dress against my mustard, grey and maroon tights this morning and they all go well.  I’m sure I won’t be able to help smiling all day in my new clothes.  Pity I have to layer with a merino top over and under due to the cool weather!

P.S. it seems most other bloggers put the pics first so I thought I'd try that layout instead.  Still trying to work with the image editing tools but I'll get there :)