Thrift shopping

In aid of this nothing new week challenge I had to do a spot of second-hand clothes shopping this morning, and what a haul!

Large square green cotton scarf - £1.00
Large square coral and cobalt cotton scarf - £1.00
Multi coloured silk like scarf - £0.99
White beads - £0.99
Green and black (twisted back) top - £4.00
Cotton shirt (looks like chambray but isn't) - £3.49
Charcoal gray military cardigan with studded shoulders - £4.99
Tesco dalmation print cardigan - £3.99
Marks and Spencers red cardigan - £3.99
Marks and Spencers black grown up handbag (about time I owned a reasonable size bag) - £8.00

Total spend - £32.44 (works out to be roughly NZD $64.88)

I thought as the prices were fresh in my mind I'd show you what I found and how little I had to spend.  I am so addicted to second-hand shops that I actually feel quite uncomfortable in retail stores.  I'm not sure if it's the challenge, the environmentally friendly/sustainability angle, or just my innate desire to bargain hunt.  I can't wait to return to NZ and do a blog post on all my favourite NZ op shops!!!

My next challenge is going to be to stop ALL shopping between now and when we return to NZ in two months... wish me luck.