Nothing New - Day Six

Todays outfit cost a grand total of £10 (£5 jacket, £3 dress, £2 necklace), BUT I am much more excited about my haircut than the clothes!

Anyone with short hair knows that it can be difficult to style – looking back over my posts I feel like no matter what I do every day it looks the same.  I’m attempting to grow it out at the moment back to a short bob and have to give public thanks to my brilliant hairdresser – Josh at Goldsworthy's.  Although going in I felt like I was channelling Howard Wolowitz (Big Bang Theory) – after surviving nine painful weeks of growing, he has again managed a cut that is perfect (and exactly what I asked for).

Length of your hair is yet another factor to consider when choosing clothes and jewellery.  A top can look very different when your hair is tied up to when it’s left long.  I find that short hair is really useful to draw attention to my collarbone and neck, whereas long hair swamped me. Of course we always want what we don’t have (eg: curly, volume, straight, fine, etc) don't we!

Also a big thanks to my helpers over on Polyvore for giving me tips on what to wear with this cool 70's polyester blazer!  See the link for all the other awesome suggestions - seriously this is the easiest way ever to solve any clothing dilemma.

Only two more days to go till the Defence Ball – oh I hope I don’t break out in any more spots tomorrow! Can't wait to show you all my fantastic thrifted ball outfit.