Nothing New - Day Seven

Well – I’ve made it to Day Seven of the second-hand/thrifted clothes challenge and it’s been really fun!  Looking back I may be drawn a bit too much to certain colours (red and green) and favour buying skirts, dresses and cardigans!  Maybe because it’s easier to find the exact basics or right fit of pants in retail stores?

Anyway I thought to conclude this challenge I’d share my top tips for successful second-hand shopping;
  1. Be prepared – in this earlier post I talked about asking yourself the hard questions before you go (this applies with all shopping trips);
  2. Wear the right uniform – when shopping you will likely be trying things on.  Try to dress practically with this in mind.  Also take your own reusable tote for your purchases – don’t sully this environmentally friendly excursion with unnecessary plastic bags;
  3. Research where to go – I am pretty good now at sniffing out charity/op shops but it’s always nice to know where to start (especially as many op shops have limited opening hours);
  4. Start looking at items by brand.  Cheaper fabrics tend to wear badly faster so you are best advised to look for things that are reputable brands – when looking for classic or staple items.  Exceptions to this are really fashionable items or new trends – I find lots of stuff that is nearly new and don’t mind paying a couple of dollars for something from Primark, even if I figure I’ll only get a few wears from it;
  5. Consider other sizes – although it’s good to look for your own size as a start, often you can find some great things in other sizes, eg: the cardigan I bought here is a size 18 (and I’m a 10),  yet it’s a good fit, or even floaty tops/dresses that you can belt;
  6. Try to get past the smell – it is an unfortunate truth that op shops/ charity/thrift stores smell ‘bad’.  You will be able to wash that smell away! And finally
  7. Have fun – op shopping is about looking at the unusual and different and being open minded.  You will have to look past a few rocks to find the gems!
Primark ballet flats (made of jersey and soooo light and comfortable).