Nothing New - Day Four

Coral and Floral

I think I could probably do two weeks of nothing new without having to rewear anything - tragic isn't it!  I really liked exploring the westfield website I shared yesterday, particularly reading about the long/lean trend.  I tried to channel that today, although at 5" 4 is is a bit of a challenge.

Todays outfit cost is approximately £7 (skirt £4.50, shirt £2.50) - NZD $14.  If you're interested the real cost is only £16 (adding hat £4, shoes £5 and belt which was free with something else) - NZD $32.

Primark coral maxi skirt, Tesco floral shirt.

I tried the shirt tucked (as I see so many other ladies doing lately) but it just seemed to make me look shorter and dumpy.  Later if it gets colder I'll probably chuck a beige cardigan over the top and I find the cardigan over a shirt look helps to lengthen my body. 

What tips would you share for looking taller or long and lean (vertical stripes, etc)???