Nothing New - Day 1

Thanks to the friend who made the comment that I have a lot of second-hand (thrifted) stuff - a lot!!!.  It was her suggestion that I share the approximate cost of each outfit to show "look, with a little effort and not a lot of time or millions of dollars you can STILL look and feel great!".  So I've decided for a whole seven days to wear nothing but second-hand stuff.  I draw the line at tights, underwear and shoes but I challenge myself for the rest - todays approximate value - NZD $15 (dress $8, singlet $2, cardigan $5).

H&M teal dress, Glassons black cardigan, Shanton long black singlet, H&M tights.

I like the contrasting necklines - warm and funky.
This necklace has a real rose in it - gift from a friend.

My favourite riding boots again!

So it's saturday and I really felt like a trackpants or pyjamas day!  Instead I went to the next best thing - a jersey knit dress with tights.  By adding tights, singlets, cardigans and boots I've been getting loads of wear out of all the summer clothes I haven't had a chance to wear in a very very long time. I wanted to wear another colour cardigan but couldn't find any other to match this dress - any ideas friends???

Apparently "most women just need a little confidence boost to know they CAN look great, and then a little push in the right direction (Keki and Glam)".