Guest blog - Claire Segrave

I went to a Stella and Dot Jewellery party the other night and met the most delightful lady - Claire Segrave.  With the massive popularity of coloured jewellery at the moment, Claire was easily able to draw on her own elegant and classic styling give us all tips about how to put it all together (much needed tips I will add!).  It's such an easy and cheap way to make your boring or dated clothes look just a bit more now.  Anyway she has kindly written my first guest post all about the re-emergence of colour, wonderful colour!  Prepare to laugh out loud...

Stella and Dot jewellery

"I never thought of myself as a colourful person especially when it came to my dress sense.  I'm a colourful character, (or so I have been led to believe), and I use colourful language in copious quantities, even at home.  Shock horror!  My children are so used to my language where the 'ef' word is used almost as frequently as 'the', that they totally ignore it unless it's followed by others, when they might just sit up and take notice.

However, I'm quite dull in my own colour choices on a normal day to day basis.  I have a very capsule wardrobe these days with lots of beige, (I hate that word with a passion, almost as much as 'moist' and 'gussett' - put the 3 together and I positively cringe whilst throwing up into the nearest bucket), navy, cream, white and black.  In the last few weeks, I have splashed out in some yellow ballet flats, a red handbag and emerald green top.  I think it's in the mild hope that this will encourage British summer to hit our shores, but I'm not entirely sure that I should use up my fading optimism right now, especially as Wimbledon has started.

Also I went looking for some new nail polish the other day.  I wanted your lovely classic bright Chanel red for the toes, ready to be thrust into the flip flops at the earliest opportunist glimpse of a ray of sunshine.  Again, I was working on the premise that I should be ready to catch the moment!  I had never seen turquoise, yellow and tangerine - candy colours before and crackle glazed too.  Strangely enough (note the sarcasm), there was plenty of candy colour on the shelves but the Chanel classic summer red was sold out.  I'm not alone!  Wonderful.  I always worry that I'm going to the the last to catch up with the latest trends.

House of Fraser
I saw in this month's Vogue that ice-cream colours are in.  I'm not sure I want to look like a Neapolitan or indeed a Rocket, but it's nice to see that other people are taking the plunge and turning up like a Raspberry Ripple on the High Street.  It keeps us with a smile on our faces, if nothing else.

I also saw that Elle magazine was recommending the pencil skirt for us all.  Now it's a long time since I wore one of those.  Whilst I was not going for the recommended "loud colour and bold prints - or both" option, I happily purchased the very pretty navy lace effect one - a bargain in the sale.  Pouring myself into my new purchase the other night and thrilled with the new sophisticated look, off I went to meet the other half at the 'do' at work.  First stumbling block ... how do you throw yourself into your Landrover Discovery when you can only move your knees approximately 1cm apart?  Glancing round the 'patch' and noting lack of human beings in sight, I hitched said pencil skirt up around upper thighs and launched myself almost head first into the vehicle in the most undignified fashion imaginable.  Later, during the evening my neighbour brushed past me, nodded knowingly and winked ..."

I want that bag!!!