Getting Glammed Up

One of the hardest things when you feel lost or left behind fashion is to get dressed up for a night out.  At 30 I don’t want to look mumsey, old or frumpy but I’m also no longer interested in flashing loads of skin or wearing what the 18 yr olds are wearing.  I love having a reason to dress up all the same!

I had a dinner out last night with my international dining club.  It was a bring your own affair at our local theatre, so whilst we enjoyed the choir and two short plays we had dinner and drinks (that we supplied).  Such a cool concept and such a lovely bunch of ladies that I’ve met through this club.  But what to wear? 

Here’s the final outcome – no dramatic online inspiration for this one.  I just picked something I felt like wearing and browsed the wardrobe till I found something to go with it.  Most days I end up doing this; picking one item (shoes, colour, necklace, etc) and then building around it trying to make sure I’ll be A) warm enough and B) comfortable.  I wonder if that’s how other people get dressed too?

Thrifted Dress, Gap Black Cardigan, Primark Red Tights, Tesco Suede Booties.

With my Zara Black Biker Jacket - because it was cold in there!