Are kiwi women slobs?

I just read an interesting article with this title.  It talked about our femininity and why we don’t spend much time with makeup, grooming our hair or wearing feminine clothes....

My theory (based on friends, family and observation) is that many kiwi women don’t have the confidence to wear skirts or to dress prettily.  We’re so practical (eg: running around with kids/animals/outdoors), and most of the time worried about being overdressed or ‘trying too hard’ that we resort to jeans and tops more often than not.

I love jeans and sneakers as much as the next lady – but maybe we could try to throw on a scarf, some beads, or earrings ...and hey presto!  Not trying too hard, still practical, but just that little bit more .... us.
New Look Necklace - cobalt blue
My beads...

Levi Jeans, Matalan Yellow T-Shirt, Red Converse Sneakers, Blue Necklace NewLook.