Going to the ball (cinderella?)

Well the big night has finally arrived – the Defence Academy Ball – and although my nothing new week is officially over, I’m a little bit pr... Read more »

Lazy Saturdays

It’s over, so to celebrate the whole week of 'Nothing New' I thought I would wear everything bought retail today!  But seriously tha... Read more »

Guilty Pleasures

  Francesca's top , Gap pants ( similar ), Poshlocket necklace c/o, Thrifted bag & heels There are some things in life that I don&#... Read more »

Nothing New - Day Seven

Well – I’ve made it to Day Seven of the second-hand/thrifted clothes challenge and it’s been really fun!  Looking back I may be drawn a bit ... Read more »

Nothing New - Day Six

Todays outfit cost a grand total of £10 (£5 jacket, £3 dress, £2 necklace), BUT I am much more excited about my haircut than the clothes! An... Read more »

Guest blog - Claire Segrave

I went to a Stella and Dot Jewellery party the other night and met the most delightful lady - Claire Segrave.  With the massive popularity ... Read more »

Vested Interest

Dress via Ross,  Vintage vest ( similar ), Target sandals, Francesca's bag  This vest traveled all the way from 1995 to be here today, a... Read more »

Nothing New - Day Five

Happy Wednesday.  It seems this photography lark is getting trickier - today we experimented with photos taken indoors.  Luckily the photogr... Read more »

Nothing New - Day Four

Coral and Floral I think I could probably do two weeks of nothing new without having to rewear anything - tragic isn't it!  I really l... Read more »


 Ruche dress, Target heels , Payless clutch, Thrifted belt & necklace Over the past week we've received a string of sad news, so it ... Read more »

Bloglovin - what a lot to learn

So in my normal manner I have been researching blogs and blog marketing - I have started using Blog lovin and I admit I am slightly addicted... Read more »

Nothing New - Day Three

Well here it is - my favourite skirt.  I love the exaggerated puffed out shape and the lovely tomato colour!  It is, I admit, a tricky shape... Read more »

Nothing New - Day Two

Day two of the nothing new/second hand only stuff challenge was easy to pick out.  Todays total outfit cost - approximately £11 or NZD $22  ... Read more »

Thrift shopping

In aid of this nothing new week challenge I had to do a spot of second-hand clothes shopping this morning, and what a haul! Large square gre... Read more »

Nothing New - Day 1

Thanks to the friend who made the comment that I have a lot of second-hand (thrifted) stuff - a lot!!!.  It was her suggestion that I share ... Read more »

Same Old

Thrifted dress, Gap top ( similar ), Macy's wedges, Target hat , Fossil bag via Ross Despite what this outfit is telling you, I have not... Read more »