Pinned Down

At any given time I have between 35-160 bobby pins in my hair. They are the perfect way to pin back stray curls or frizzy strands. You can find them in all of my pockets, purses, and of course the vacuum bag.

I've seen a lot of cute, adorned bobby pins on the web but they always seem to be way overpriced or overcutesy. I like making these because I can choose my own colors, they're not too loud, and best of all they cost about $.25 to make.

Picnik collage

1. Tie a knot around the bottom of pin.
2. Holding pin vertically, pull thread up and around through the middle.
3. Pull thread down tightly to the bottom of the pin.
4. Continue wrapping until you reach the bend at the top of the pin.
5. Tie knot at the top of the pin.
6. Cut excess thread off of both ends.

You can change the look of these really easily by alternating colors, or choosing thicker/thinner thread. Get creative!