Pages vs. What's-His-Face

* Cider Stand Pleated Red Dress c/o , Similar Heels *  This dress has been featured in Glamour magazine, which in my head makes i... Read more »

Short Thoughts on Long Shorts

* Shorts , Similar Scarf * I love Bermuda shorts because I don't have to shave my legs above the knee, don't have to worry about fla... Read more »

Pink Lady

* Similar Dress , Wedges * When we were in Savannah last weekend, our friend gave us several options for things to do on Sunday. Wildlife pr... Read more »

Weather or Not

As you know I take a lot of photos, and surpsingly enough they're not always of me by myself. I like having memories scattered throughou... Read more »

It's Official

* Top , Similar Skirt * I had forgotten that I thrifted this skirt until I recently found it buried in the backseat of our car. Usually all ... Read more »

Faux Irish

* Similar Scarf and Dress * This weekend was filled with a lot of green clothing and shamrock shakes. We went to Savannah where St. Patric... Read more »

Fashion Flashback

Orange pants then...................... and now * Similar Scarf * When Kevin saw that childhood photo he reacted like any loving fiance woul... Read more »

Playing Favorites

* Dress , Heels * When I found this dress it was 6 inches longer (looked like this ) and smelled like mothballs... now it's 6 inches sho... Read more »

Golden Apple

* Shoes , Jeans * By 7pm you can almost always find me braless, in my sweats, lying on the couch eating popcorn. Last Tuesday at 8:15, Kevin... Read more »


* Similar Top * Believe it or not, taking photos of yourself behind abandoned buildings can be an interesting experience. I have had many aw... Read more »

Pinned Down

At any given time I have between 35-160 bobby pins in my hair. They are the perfect way to pin back stray curls or frizzy strands. You can f... Read more »