Thrift Happens




*Similar Shoes*

I've been asked to share my "thrifting secrets". I honestly don't have any, and if I did I would have told you long ago because I can't keep a secret for more than 10 minutes. Seriously, don't trust me with information.

Here are some tips that I try to follow...

1. Expect the unexpected. Don't be surprised if you find nasty stains in private places, or if a woman with two wandering eyes sparks up a conversation about her cats. It's gonna happen.

2. Size doesn't matter (yes, that's what she said). If something looks like it may fit, try it on even if the size on the tag is not what you're used to.

3. Dig! You have to get your hands dirty. You don't have to crawl on the floor on all fours (though it helps), but you will have to sift through some questionable items to find some great ones. Search bins, baskets, the return rack near the fitting rooms, and even in the 2 piece suits for items girls like me have tried to hide.

4. Don't get discouraged. You will have MANY trips where you don't find anything. Just take it out on someone you love and try again next week.

5. Don't buy something just because it's cheap or because of the label. I like to ask myself, "Megan, would you have bought this at full price?" If the answer is no, I don't buy it... or I tell myself to shut up and buy it anyway.

Happy Thrifting :)