Tea Time


Kevin and I drink a lot of tea, so I decided to make these as a cheap heartfelt Valentine's gift for him (meaning us... meaning me).

I like making these for all occasions because you can customize the tags however you want. Like the spoons, you really can't mess these up.


You can use any loose leaf tea from stores, or you can make your own. I like this homemade Chai Spice mix. Also, instead of muslin fabric you can use coffee filters.

Picnik collagePicnik collage

1. Cut muslin into a square and spoon tea on top (approx. 2 tbls).
2. Pull the sides up and gather them together in the middle.
3. Tie cotton thread around the gathered fabric, leaving one long end.
4. Cut paper (1 inch x 2 inch) to create your tea tag. Once cut, bend it in half.
5. Add decorations to your tea tag, unfold, and add glue to the underside.
6. Fold tag over loose end of cotton thread (from step 3) and press down.

With a little more time and patience, you can also make these shaped tea bags. Just click on the photo for a tutorial.