Possible Potential


*Heels, Jeans*

I found this shirt on the $1 reject rack sandwiched between a pair of men's overalls and a stained bathrobe. Kevin quickly said no when I held it up, which only made me want it more. I'm always buying things he thinks are hideous because it becomes a game to eventually get him to say he likes it. (This often backfires when I realize I've brought home polyster capris that come up to my chin or a leopard blouse with 8 sets of shoulder pads).

It turns out the shirt was half-off so I ended up scoring it for 50 cents. I washed the ramen out of it, hung it up, and let Kevin forget all about it. Last night when we went to dinner I asked him if he liked my outfit and he said, "Yeah, cute shirt." Fists were pumped.