Let's Spoon!


I don't spend all of my time taking photos of myself in clothes. Nope, I also take photos of myself doing DIY projects! Let me preface by saying my craft projects are never difficult. These take a total of about 15 minutes once you get the hang of it, and you really can't mess them up.

Don't let the amount of materials needed scare you off; you probably have most of them already.


Picnik collage

1. Trace spoon (excluding handle) onto paper of your choice and cut it out.
2. Hammer spoon until it's flat.*
3. Clip off spoon handle using pliers or a random, strong man.
4. Bend remaining tip down with pliers.
5. Glue paper from step 1 onto spoon.
6. Paint paper and spoon (wipe as you go for a more rustic look).
7. Sand the paper down on the edges.
8. Add keyring or chain (cord or twine works too).

*If you're like me and drink wine while you craft, be sure not to start drinking until after this step.

Picnik collage