Possible Potential

* Heels , Jeans * I found this shirt on the $1 reject rack sandwiched between a pair of men's overalls and a stained bathrobe. Kevin qui... Read more »


* Boots , Similar Dress * When our friend stayed with us this weekend he jokingly commented on how our towels smelled like Top Ramen. I star... Read more »


* Top , Similar Pants * I really liked this bag until I plopped it onto the counter and the thrift store cashier gave it a disgusted look (m... Read more »

Fast Food, Slow Memory

* Heels , Similar Top * This was one of those really memorable, ridiculously fun, need-to-detox-now, kind of weekends. A close friend of our... Read more »

Spring Has Sprung

* Heels , Similar Cardigan * The weather is amazing right now, perfect for a romantic picnic or afternoon stroll... or a good chance to hit ... Read more »

The Long and Short of it

These outfits never made it to the blog, but they're seeing the light of day now because of my broken lens (the new one arrives tonight... Read more »

Blame it on the Rain

* Boots , Similar Coat , Similar Dress * As soon as I parked to take these photos, it started sprinkling. I was rushing, didn't tighten ... Read more »

Fashion Flashback

White tights then....and now. * Similar Heels , Similar Dress * Don't let this childhood photo fool you, as I was not a ballerina or gym... Read more »

Winter Exists!

* Boots , Similar Top * It's finally been cold (and not just "Florida cold"). It dropped down into the 20s a few nights this ... Read more »


* Jeans , Top * I wore this last night to 'Galentine's day', a girls night out event that my friend hosted which included lots o... Read more »