Thrifty Genes


*Heels, Similar Cardigan, Similar Dress*

My mom taught me everything I know about thrifting. I'm pretty sure I knew how to spot a bargain before I knew how to use the toilet. I'm actually (pleasantly) surprised I wasn't born in a Goodwill with the amount of time she spends inside them.

Needless to say, my favorite part of visiting California was thrifting with her - which is when I found this polka-dot dress. It was just like old times... we made each other try on hideous things for a laugh, we mouthed "ewwww" each time we passed the bra section, and we ate Taco Bell while reviewing our favorite finds.

They say nothing brings a mother and daughter together quite like fast food, used clothing and the aroma of a Goodwill. At least that's what I say.

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